This is the week when Calgary’s traffic gets awful. 

Kids are back in school, summer vacations are over and parents are back at work. Everyone returns to real life. This week, everyone will be late for everything.

We Calgarians spend lots of time in our cars. I used to hate diagonally crossing the city from my home in New Brighton the to the Century 21 Summit office in Varsity. Then driving for hours between showings and appointments. In a city that loves theirs cars, I’m probably in the top percentile of 'people who spend way too much time driving.'

My driving induced depression changed a few years ago my Padraig Kennedy (from Dublin, but married to a Native Calgarian) created Castro: a amazing and simple app for downloading, organizing, and sharing podcasts.

Suddenly my commute was productive/inspiring working time. I look forward to my morning coffee along Memorial Drive with while learning about Real Estate Trends, Social Media, or Marketing. Somedays I just want to hear a good story, or listen to a incredibly smart people tackle to world’s problems. On the drive home, it’s nice to veg out with basketball anecdotes.

Last week Padraig launched a newer, awesome version of Castro. It lets you subscribe to Podcasts which automatically download to your phone and queue a playlist, avoiding distracted driving tickets and simplifying listening to what you love.

These are my Top 3 Podcasts to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable:

Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell, probably the most interesting man in the world, goes back in time to tell stories about thing we got wrong. It’s mind blowing. You see the world differently after every episode.


We can't be friends if you don't like Serial. It will be hard to be your friend if you think Adnan is innocent. But I'll forgive that. Listen to the first episode and try not to get hooked. I dare you.

Freakonomics Radio

Steve Levitt, the writer of Freakonomics, examines pretty much everything in the world from an economist’s perspective. Every episode is so interesting that I’m jacked up to create something cool by the time I arrive at the office.

Now, go to the app store and download Castro. Subscribe to my Top 3. Then search for whatever topic you like. I guarantee you’ll find a podcast that will make this week’s commute much less awful… maybe even enjoyable.

For My Real Estate Friends

  1. The Marketing Genius Podcast 
  2. Watercooler
  3. Seth Godin's Start Up School

For My Basketball Loving Friends

  1. The Lowe Post
  2. The Vertical With Woj
  3. The Tony Kornheiser Show

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