Calgary is a very diverse city with a compact city centre, sprawling suburbs, massive park spaces, and  every different style of home imaginable.

The first thing you'll need to decide is what part of the city you want to live in...

Let me set the stage. The Calgary Real Estate Board (affectionately called CREB) breaks Calgary up into eight districts.

A typical detached home in the West Side is $340,000 more expensive than the East Side.

That's how different Calgary's Districts are.

Houses are fairly similar within each district. CREB crunched years of statistics to created a typical home for each district. And then they can predict how much that home is worth.

Here are short slide decks we made for each district. You can see the characteristics for the typical homes, how much the typical home is worth, and much that has changed since last year. We've ordered them from most to least expensive for Detached Homes.

(Rotate your phone to landscape so the slideshows will fit your screen)

The West is Calgary's most expensive district.

City Centre has the second priciest Detached Homes, but the most expensive Semi-Detached Home and Condos.

Northwest is third in Calgary for expensive property values.

South comes in at #4.

North ranks fifth. But you can see there is great value here for the size of the typical home.

Southeast comes in at #6. But boasts Calgary's newest homes, on average, by almost a decade.

Northeast is second from the bottom. We love the NE and we'd be happy to tell you why.

The East Side is where you can find Calgary's least expensive homes.

Check back next week to find how Where You Can Afford To Live In Calgary. We asked a mortgage broker how much income you'd need to make to live in each district. I was shocked...

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